My wife and I are just ordinary people holding ordinary jobs and living in Dubai. I came to Dubai in 1980 and since then was working for an oil Co. until1994 when I had to give up my job, as the company I was working for lost all their contracts and moved out of U.A.E. I got married in 1989 and live in Dubai with my wife and our son since then.

I started a small business, which ended up with problems and heavy losses. In 1997 the old company came back to Dubai with new contracts and offered me a job with double the salary, which again lasted for 2 years.

Again I was without a job, and the Lord led me to start another business, which began small and has grown with great success making it possible to put the Vision of the Lord’s Ranch into action.

Since 1987/88 I was looking around for the right piece of land but found nothing that matched the vision that the lord had given until the year 2000 when the Lord led me to a beautiful place in Pune where the Lord’s Ranch is presently situated amidst the lush green hills at the back waters of Warasgaon Dam, an ideal location. We presently hold around 700 acres of land.