Lord’s Ranch Trust

Lord’s Ranch is registered as a Charity Trust under the Mumbai Trust Act in 2002. The following are the member of the Board of Trustees who manage the Lord’s Ranch Trust. The full board of Trustees meet quaterly to draw, plan and sanction major decisions relating to the administration of the Lord’s Ranch including long term plans (2-year and 5-year plans).

Besides the quarterly meetings the members also meet every other month to review and support what is happening on the Ranch. Members who are particularly in-charge of specific activities like construction or legal matters, meet as and when required, depending on the urgency of the situation at hand. The minutes of the meetings are recorded and filed also on going progress is discussed in detail for further action if needed.

The Board of Trustees

Hilary-Photo_150Hilary Da Veiga – Founder, Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Managing Trustee

My wife and I are just ordinary people holding ordinary jobs and living in Dubai. I came to Dubai in 1980 and since then was working for an oil Co. until1994 when I had to give up my job, as the company I was working for lost all their contracts and moved out of U.A.E. I got married in 1989 and live in Dubai with my wife and our son since then. I started a small business, which ended up with problems and heavy losses. In 1997 the old company came back to Dubai with new contracts and offered me a job with double the salary, which again lasted for 2 years. Again I was without a job, and the Lord led me to start another business, which began small and has grown with great success making it possible to put the Vision of the Lord’s Ranch into action. Since 1987/88 I was looking around for the right piece of land but found nothing that matched the vision that the lord had given until the year 2000 when the Lord led me to a beautiful place in Pune where the Lord’s Ranch is presently situated amidst the lush green hills at the back waters of Warasgaon Dam, an ideal location. We presently hold around 700 acres of land.
no_photoVijay Varghese
A businessman from Sharjah hailing from Kolapur India has been a committed worker in the vineyard of the Lord.  He has been serving the Sharjah Church as an Eucharistic minister and also been the Leader of the Sharjah English Chrismatic Group for 2 years and now again he is presently elected as an Asst Leader along with his wife as a member of the core Team.  He is also a very active member of the Prison and Hospital ministry for over 10 years visiting the hospitals and prisons dedicatedly every Friday morning and attending to the needs of the prisoners and their families tirelessly.  This Prison and Hospital ministry in Sharjah is called the upper room ministry.

Adelyne_150Dr. Adelyne D’Costa e Veiga

An educationalist working in Dubai. Has been a member of the Dubai English Charismatic Group for around 25 years.  She has served as a leader of the Prison Ministry in Dubai for several years and still visits the prisons regularly every Saturday.  She is presently the leader of the teaching ministry and member of the newly elected Core Team of the prayer group.  She gives teaching in Dubai, Sharjah and Jebel Ali prayer groups

no_photoKishore Lula

A highly reputed banker with over 30 years of dedicated service in the international banks in UAE, Kishore with his wife Preeti hail from Mumbai though Sindhi they along with their children have embraced Christianity and have been very active in the Dubai Church both as a core team member of the English Charismatic prayer group and also a P & W ministry member leading Praise and Worship and also served for many years as an Eucharistic minister.  He and his family are well settled and well respected in the church and among the Sindhi business community.

no_photoHilary Pinto

Hilary and his wife Lorna are from Mangalore, they are both running a transport and equipment hire business in UAE and other parts of the Gulf. Though he is very busy in his business he and his family are very attached to the Lords Ranch and are very supportive of the Lord’s work at the Ranch right from the very inception.  Hilary along with his wife and children are very committed Christians and do a lot of Charitable work both in UAE and back home in Mangalore

Fr. BoulaisFr. Boulais Da Costa

Has been a diocesan priest serving the various parishes in Goa as a Principal of schools and as a parish priest.  A very Charismatic priest involved with the youth and preaching retreats to various parishes in Goa and the Ranch. Fr. Boulais has been actively involved as a spiritual director of the Lords Ranch right from the very beginning helping and praying for the spiritual welfare of the Ranch and he is presently the Director of the Lord’s Ranch Retreat Centre.

Vincent SoaresVincent Soares

A Civil Engineer from Goa involved in many construction projects in Goa and abroad Mr. Soares though extremely busy has been a great source of support and strength in the construction work of the Lords Ranch.  He along with his family are very devout Christians very dedicated in the service of the Lord both at the Ranch and in the Varco Parish where he resides.  He is an extremely generous person who never misses an opportunity to serve the Lord by serving the poor and the needy in his daily walk of life.