Alcoholic Anonymous Retreat during Dec6-8, 2016
When we decided to come to the Lord’s Ranch, we did not get much support from the people. Finally I selected the couples. When we reached the Lord’s Ranch all exclaimed what a heavenly place! We felt the divine energies of love vibrating all around. Though we had a long journey of 12 hours, we forgot our tiredness. Sr. Margaret’s faith sharing and psycho-spiritual exercises, morning guided meditations proved to be eye opener and healing within. Mr. Kishore Jediyar, AA councilor from Vasai was a blessing who gave testimony at the Good Shepherd Recovery Home was turning point experience for many. The food was delicious and LR staff was attentive to our needs. When AA men returned home, their loved ones noticed a change in them, especially their wives were smiling. The men felt that they should return to the Ranch with seeds for cultivation and grow sufficient food for all. Almost all repented for the ill effects of their drinking alcohol and were convinced that new healing life in Jesus is possible. Being a retreat center we were disappointed for not having mass. ~ Photos and write up by Sr. Lourdes

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