Hilary comes from Goa, the youngest in the family of six. At the age of 21, he received a special anointing of the Lord.

One day as he was on his way to the rig where he was working, he picked up a book from his sister’s table in Abu Dhabi and took it with him. The title of the book was “Healing” by Fr. Francis Mcnut. Even though he was not normally a voracious reader, the book had a deep impact on his life. He received a great experience of God’s love through this book. He quotes “I seized every opportunity I had during my breaks from work on the rig to read the book. Whenever I was reading it till the very last page, tears would roll down from my eyes. It took me a week to complete reading the book. After that, for weeks and months, during my breaks and after my work hours, I would simply sit down in a corner and cry. Every time I went to my bed, I would draw the curtains and just cry. I just could not pray. All I did was crying and asking – God, how could you love me so much? For twenty-one years, I did not love you. (Taken from “Walk in Faith” – book authored by Hilary Da Veiga; to be published shortly.)

The result of this experience, since then his commitment to Jesus has been the priority of his life.
He became a member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and spent all his time teaching, preaching and service to the Lord, in the UAE and Goa.

From 1986-1989, he started 3 prayer groups in the worker’s camps in Jebel Ali – One in Dubai Cable Co. (DUCAB) , one in Port Authority of J/Ali (Paja), and one on one of the ship itself.

In 1987, he was chosen as a Leader of the Jebel Ali Charismatic Group to go to Rome for the International Catholic Leaders Conference. From Jebel Ali Prayer Group, he started the Prison Ministry and a Hospital Ministry. The Prison Ministry expanded to include the men’s Jail, the women’s prison & the out prison in Dubai and later on it expanded to Sharjah & Ajman prisons as well.

Hilary conducted bible study for St. Mary Catholic Church Dubai and later formed the Bible Faith Sharing Ministry for the English Charismatic Prayer Group. Till today he also conducts Bible Study in Sharjah.

Hilary has been leading Healing & Deliverance Ministry for several years. As part of Teaching Ministry has been taking teachings for prayer groups and various retreats in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & Jebel Ali.
Hilary conducted a Spiritual Growth Programme for the Bible Study in Dubai which is now called the Prem Sangam involved in carrying our missionary work of adopting a village called Chisda, in Daman, in collaboration with Pillar Fathers of the Diocese of Goa.

Hilary has been the member of co-team of the English Charismatic Prayer Group Dubai for two years and was later elected as the leader of the group for another two years.

When the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services U.A.E. – National Service Team (CCRS UAE – NST) was formed in the year 2008, he was appointed NCST Assistant General Coordinator and is holding the post till date.