Retreat at the Lord’s Ranch

Dates:  Feb 17-22, 2017

Participants: Lay people, 25 from Kolhapur. 13 from Ahmednagar and 70 from Uttan/Gorai


1) This is my third retreat at the Ranch. I am married for the last three years. I use to drink heavily. We tried for the children but no way. When I attended last year’s retreat. While digging for the labyrinth garden, I felt voice within my heart to give up drinking, so on March 5th as we began our return journey to Uttan, I decided no more drinks. Now it is going to be one year. I am doubly blessed: my wife is pregnant for 7 months and without drink I am happy and healthy. Queen of the Lord’s Ranch pray for us. ~ Mr. Don from Uttan

2) I had larger size kidney stones and was going for the surgery. Three times the operation dates were fixed and every time my sugar shoot up. Heart to heart I really did not want to undergo the surgery but then home people kept on pressurizing me for surgery.  I decided to pray to Queen of the Lord’s Ranch and now kidney stones melted like wax with herbal medicine. I am fully normal and no more kidney trouble. Queen of the Lord’s Ranch pray for us. ~ Mrs. Purity from Uttan


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