Mary’s Heart in Martha’s World

” Believe in the Lord Jesus,and you will be saved you and your family “. Acts 16:31. A family retreat was organised by the Lords Ranch retreat Centre from the 27th of December to the 29th of December 2011.The theme of the retreat was ” Mary’s Heart in Martha’s World “ In all forty eight of the retreatians attended children, youth, young, and old reached the table top of the Lords Ranch at 4.30 pm on the 26th of December and were welcomed by Bro. Hilary Daveiga with the Christmas cake in his hand. The Retreat started with the station of the cross followed by the Rosary at the grotto. We were blessed to have with us Fr. Thomas Lameishwar who celebrated the Eucharist for us.

The 3 days retreat was a wonderful experience for all especially for those who visited the Lords Ranch for the first time, the retreat helped us all to grow in faith and also helped us to understand the role of Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus to listen to the word of God as we ar so busy in this world. The mornings were a time of praise and worship conducted by Patrick and the Music Ministry, it was also wonderful to have with us Gods chosen people who preached the word of God, Bro. Stanley Serao, Bro. Sanjay Shinde, and Bro Hilary Daveiga who spoke on the different topics that were covered up in the three Days retreat.

Mary’s heart in Martha’s World, There is only One GOD, We are called to witness God, God is calling to Minister our Fly,Do not bow down before any other Gods, Mary & the Church, The Wise & the foolish, Gods Promise the Holy Spirit, Confession’s, Healing Service, and Anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Fr. Thomas Lameishwar also shared his testimony of how he was persecuted while he was in Orissa, in all his homily he inspired us with his word of God. We thank God because of the presence of Fr. Lameishwar we could get the Eucharist for 3 Days. We thank Bro. Hilary and the Team of the Lords Ranch for the hospitality that was provided, it was time for us to go back where we all had come from but the moments of the Lords Ranch trip will always remain fresh in our hearts and minds. God we thank you for the little piece of Heaven on Earth “The Lord Ranch”

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