Queen of the Lord’s Ranch, Birthday celebration of Mother Mary

Queen of the Lord’s Ranch

Novena 30th August to 7th Sep, 2017, Birthday celebration of Mother Mary

It was the initiative of Mr. David, the Site Coordinator of the Lord’s Ranch, is a great devotee of Mother Mary. He wanted to go to Hariharan, a pilgrim place of Mother Mary in Karnataka, close to his house. Since he was not able to go we suggested that instead of he going alone, we initiate the novena here itself, so that all can benefit.

Hence we began our nine days of prayers with adoration and rosary and meditation on the Pope’s encyclical: Laudato Se: Praise be to you!

We covered the entire book during nine days with meditation on the elements we live on: Water, fire, earth, air, flowers, seeds, stones, blade of grass, etc… we tapped the resources from Mother Earth to get our food stuff like, bitter gourd, bamboo shoots, crabs, snails, leafy vegetables, fruits from the forest.

The first day of our novena we begun on the theme: The Gospel of Creation: Mother Earth (pg.52) and on the 9th day we concluded with ‘The Queen of All Creation: Mother Mary (pg. 185), leading to the Feast of Queen of the Lord’s Ranch on September 8th and observed this day as Girl Child day dedicated by the Universal Mother Church!

On the Birthday of Mother Mary, we were blessed to have the Palki procession and the Eucharist by Fr. Lui Heredia.  During the mass after the Gospel Sr. Margaret gave reflection on the importance of the day. All our brothers from the rehab and all the workers at the site participated in the Eucharist. At the end of the Eucharist we reached Mother Mary to the small chapel and had an interactive game with balloons and tooth picks. We shared a common meal, at the beginning of which we honoured a lad from rehab who was celebrating his Birthday to cut Mama Mary’s birthday cake.

The Palki you see in the picture is prepared from the waste material by Nityanand and decorated by David, Sunil, Prakash and garland preparations by Fernando and the sisters.

May Queen of the Lord’s Ranch guide us to meditate on the beauty of creation and glorify God in every small thing!


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