Denis Sanjay Bansode


  • Denis Sanjay Bansode ( 9768827966) from Kalyan writes’ Now I believe that nothing happens by chance. Everything happens for a reason. On the 20th of Jan 2017 something happened to me that I never imagined would happen After the rosary at night I saw another youth being Blessed by a brother. I stopped and thought of taking some blessing from him. I thought he will just keep his hand on my head and say God Bless you and let me go. But just as he placed his hand on my head I began to cry. For the last 2 yrs I had not cried I kept it all inside. As I was crying I was saying sorry God. Every doubt I had about Jesus was removed in the form of tears. This is not my last day on the Ranch I will surely come back As that brother was saying “this is only the beginning and he was right. – Youth Retreat 2017


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